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Meeting my hero, Jeri Redcorn!

After Robert Sharp (Executive Director of Publications at the Art Institute of Chicago) introduced me to the catalogue for the AIC exhibition Hero, Hawk and Open Hand I fell in love with the pottery of Jeri Redcorn. She is a contemporary native Caddoan artist who works in traditional style. After researching materials, techniques and forms, she experimented to recreate the old ways of making Caddoan Mississippian pottery.  http://www.redcornpottery.com/about.html

It was a great honor to meet her and see her elegant work (along with works by other wonderful contemporary artists) in person at the Gilcrease Museum show, New Masters of Old Traditions, curated by Bob Pickering. The show is in the new downtown Zarrow Center show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. June 7 – July 28, 2013


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Meeting my hero, Jeri Redcorn!

After Robert Sharp (Executive Director of Publ.. Click Here for Details

At the Gilcrease Museum

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Today is Mom's birthday!

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Levitated Mass is Spectacular!

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Diana Folsom at Gallery ZeinXeno

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